How a treatment works

How a treatment works

Enfolded and stored within the body are all our past experiences

These create layers of tension, which inhibit our body’s ability to self-heal.

We can become disconnected from a sense of wellbeing and discomfort and illness may settle in as a result. This is our body’s way of getting our attention.

A treatment works to firstly induce our parasympathetic nervous system; our brain wave pattern changes as a result – from the common, high-activity beta to a slower, meditative theta. This is characterised by a state, in which the body enters deep stillness, senses go within, the mind enters the gateway to memories and related feelings and inspiration is awakened. At this depth of perception, any repressed material floats up to the surface, where it can be acknowledged and safely released.

During a session I ‘listen’ to your body through my hands, palpating the subtle Craniosacral rhythmⁱ across fluids and tissues, sensing where healthy motion is restricted. I can then help these areas access states of balance and stillness, in order to facilitate resolution and return to optimal energy flow and vitality.

Craniosacral work traditionally specialises in the head, spine and sacrum but is not limited to those areas, nor is it limited to the physical. It can give people an experience of “sacred emptiness” – often, the only sacred experience they have in their daily lives.

(i) Craniosacral rhythm – the subtle pulsation of the craniosacral system as cerebrospinal fluid circulates through it in a dynamic loop. It expresses the underlying vitality of the system.

“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.”